February 26, 2009

What's New?

I've been pretty busy. I'm still doing Melaleuca of course. As always I am looking for leaders. I need to really pump it up though. I definitely haven't been working as hard as I used to.

Recently I removed Halle from school (the 2nd time) and enrolled her into the Academy for the Brilliant Child next to Luella Elementary. The rates are reasonable but I have also been able to barter part of the cost. In exchange for my discounted rate I do some work from home for the school. Halle was hurt at the public school and after the accident I just could not send her back. She ran into a brick wall after being chased by 2 boys in school and split her head open, and I mean open. I was able to see straight through to her skull. After a week of keeping her home I decided to put her in private school. Next school year Kyra will attend there also. When I got there I met the owners and one of them coincidentally was a member of my ward. I knew then that Heavenly Father sent me there. Halle is doing well. The school is holding a fund raising event which I am on the committee and oversee the PR and advertising to ensure that we have success and raise lots of money. Aside from that I am decorating the guest bedroom and bath. I am still in the beginning phases though. I've decided to buy furniture (used) for the guest bedroom from Craigslist.com to defer the cost some. Tony is working all the time these days so it leaves me to the house of course. In the past we shared the cooking but now I am doing it mostly myself and have gotten much better at it. I'll admit that I like it more than I did before.

Tony is still working on Tracewood Apartments. He is refurbishing the units and preparing them to be occupied. He's also considering a career change as well. He has some good ideas as to which field he's going to choose but asks that I not mention it to anyone yet.
Wesley is doing well in school. The football coaches have been trying to get him to join the football team. He doesn't want to though. Tony has been trying to convince him as well. He's 6'3" now so Tony has been trying to bribe him with all kinds of things to get him to try out for the team. He still loves music and has been holding 1st chair for a while. His band teacher told me that music is what Wesley was born to do. He wants to be a conductor or write his own music in the future. He'll be 16 in May and is excited because he'll be old enough to date. I still get a play by play of his day after school. I love how he speaks openly with me.

Justin is doing well in school with the exception of math. He's never been the excitable one so getting information from him is still like pulling teeth. He's gotten a bit more expressive as he is getting older. He's finally taller than me. He's happy about that. He's playing the trumpet still but I don't think he likes it very much. He's talked about changing instruments but doesn't know what he wants to change to.
Halle is doing better in the new school. She's in the beginning stages of puberty and getting taller. She'll be singing in the talent show on April 4th. I'm excited about her debut. She also collects dinosaurs. She LOVES dinosaurs.

Kyra is doing pretty good in school but has been complaining that she does not have friends. She still sees homework as a punishment and asks me almost every morning why she has to go to school.

Well that's everyone.


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