January 24, 2010

Random but important

Can you hear Ray Charles singing that song? It's been raining for what seems like 40 days and 40 nights here in Georgia. The rain is pouring for hours at a time. The dogs are cooped up in the garage, the kids have been indoors for days and I think Kyra has cabin fever.

I'm preparing for Halle's school day tomorrow and we are progressing quite well I think. He are having to begin at the beginning of the 4th grade because her Montessori education did not exactly meet her needs. She really needed the one on one. For instance, in math when she is reading a number that has more than 4 digits she was reading it like this...4-5-three hundred and twenty-two (45, 322). I had to review place value and used manipulative's like the small blocks that are together in sets of ones, tens and hundreds. We worked hard and now she's got it! She is now reading numbers in the billions. I'm very excited about her potential.

Church was good today and there was a full house even though the weather was bad.

Please be praying for Tony. He had an interview for a job and we heard from a little birdy that he will be made an offer. We are hoping that tomorrow he will get a call.

It's Sunday and I love quiet Sundays like this after church, about to have dinner and the kids are winding down and preparing for tomorrow and bedtime. It's quiet and I can hear Wesley putting his guitar away that he's been playing all afternoon into the evening.

With the new week beginning I hope it goes smoothly:)


Ghada said...

Hi Pamela, just stopping in to say hello. I hope that fortune has gone your way and that your little girl is doing well at scholl and that DH got a job offer.
Have a great weekend :)

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♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

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