June 5, 2009

Dinosaurs, lizards, Gekkos, Geico.....what?

So, Halle wants a lizard or an Iguana. Yes I know you're thinking...didn't you just get a 2nd dog? Yeah we did. But, she has already begun her campaign. She has her position and her talking points ready. She has studied each animal and the proper care for each one. Personally I like this one...but from what I've heard he has a contract with Geico so he won't be available to join the Bennett family any time soon, besides he may not make such a great pet anyway. I'm not looking forward to a new pet. Should we say no? She's so passionate about reptiles and dinosaurs. I'm willing to wait it out to see if she changes her mind. Tony and I went to PetSmart to price the reptiles. Prices range from $8.99 - $79.99. It's still up for discussion but no definite decisions yet. No one told me about this part when it comes to raising children. I know children do not come with instructions but I thin it's perfectly okay for someone to give out the directions for raising kids long after they are born. Heck if the instructions were included in the womb or attached to the placenta the paper would get all sticky and yucky.

On the serious side, we already have our hands so full we do not need another member of the family.


Karen said...

Well, gekkos don't require much other than the occasional meal so go on and get it but if you hear that geico commercial late at night when everyone is sleeping, I suggest you come up with your story now on how that darned gekko got out of its tank.


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