June 4, 2009

He said, She said

New rule: From now on when someone calls me or talks to me about another person/sister/friend I will not participate. I will say "Why don't you call her and let her know how you feel" I don't participate in gossip anymore, even if it's just listening to it". I say this because amongst my sisters there is a lot of gossip. The funny thing is that it is disguised as "concern". Since there is very little interaction between us, using concern for the other sister is just a ploy. It is to me anyway. I know what you're thinking, Okay, I will admit that it will be pretty tough to go cold turkey so I will just limit my gossiping to gossiping with my favorite gossip partner. I would miss the hard belly laughs way too much to stop completely.

Proverbs about Gossip

  • Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.
    • Spanish proverb
  • Gossip needs no carriage.
    • Russian proverb
  • Gossip is unbecoming an elder.
    • Yorba proverb
  • If we all held our tongues, there wouldn't be much left to talk about.
    • English working class saying.

Wink, wink, just being facetious.........


Karen said...

This was hilarious! Girl, it would just be plain boring without those forbidden conversations.

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