July 8, 2009

~If you dislike clutter as much as I do~

Donate Your Clothes

Open your closet and quickly look through all your clothes.
Do you have outfits from 1970? If so, then you must get rid of some clutter. First pull out all the clothes you currently wear, leaving them on the hangers and lay them on the bed. Don't put a dress you haven't worn since 1980 on the bed. Be honest with yourself and only include clothes you have worn in the last 9 months.

Now pick out anything that has holes, stains, is faded out, or has anything wrong with it from your closet and throw them away. Next take any clothes that you feel others can wear but you know you will not and put them in a box to give away to the good will or other charity. This includes the pair of pants that are 3 sizes to small that you've been keeping for the past 5 years for when you get skinny again.

Next tackle your drawers. Go though your underwear drawer.
Get rid of any bras with the wire missing or broke, underwear with holes or any other item in poor condition.
Toss them out!

How many Pairs of pants do you have in your drawers that don't fit? Toss them out! Do you have old T-shirts from before your kids were born? Toss them out. If a T-shirt is faded, torn, has holes, or the seams or hems are coming out . . . Toss Them!

You will find it ten times easier to get ready to go out now because you won't have to go through so much clutter just to find something to wear.


Stop Being Embarrassed by Your Messy Home

This method of de cluttering works in every situation, without fail. You will see results in as little as 15 minutes. Start now and stop spending your time trying to find things. You can be organized and regain your sanity.


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