July 20, 2009

Michael Jackson is gone...

Stop, stop, stop you better save me.
I'll be there...
I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause...

I'm talking bout the man in the mirror

I wanna Rock with you...all night

Cause it's the Thriller, thriller night
Ben the two of us need look no more. We both found what we were looking for...with a friend to call my own - I'll be alone and you my friend will see you've got a friend in me.

When I think of Michael Jackson immediately those lyrics pop into my head. Growing up my family listened to the Jackson 5 Christmas album during holidays. It was a regular album played along with Nat King Cole. Michael is gone at 50. So young. I'll always remember him and his music. All of his songs are the bomb. All of them.

When he did the moonwalk did you try it? How many times did you try to do his dance moves? All is different looks. Wow! I still cannot believe it. I will miss his music and I look forward to any albums he had not yet released.

And to learn now that he really had Vitiligo, so sad....



Karen said...

Still can't believe he's gone. Michael Jackson deeeaaad!

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