July 22, 2009

Decorating - Benneconomy 101- part 5

This is my diningroom. I have taken before and after photos. I knew that by painting this room the furniture and artwork would POP~ and it did. Check out the difference.

Here's the room at a different angle.

Nice but look....

It looks like a completely different room.

It's texturized and up close it looks like really thick sandpaper with sparkles here and there. Gorgeous I think:)

It really warmed up the room.

And POPPED the wainscoting.

Here it is in the daylight - the blinds are closed but you get the idea~

Okay, now just a few more accessories in this room and then onto the livingroom.


Katie said...

the color is great, its earthy and welcoming.

Karen said...

These pics look like they are from a magazine. You've done a fantastic job. Maybe I'll hire you as my interior decorator...better yet, my pound cakes for your decorating skills! LOL!

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