May 11, 2009

I was holding my breath

I felt like I was holding my breath since it was discovered last month that my Dad has a mass in his stomach. Since last month he's had a colonoscopy and biopsy and there are growths there too. Today the results from the stomach biopsy came in. The mass is malignant. I felt the breath release and cried. I was so surprised at my reaction because I had said to myself that we will be in praise and worship. We will pray together and like incense our prayers would reach the heavens and worries would be silenced. Okay, now I thought, "What do we do"? It took a few minutes and then I thought, "we keep praying and have faith". Faith as small as a mustard seed.
These are mustard seeds.

My Dad is 78 years old. He'll be 79 this June. My parents have been married about 56 years. That's a long time to do anything let alone live with the same person. I hope that I can have that same longevity.


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