May 14, 2009

Medication vs. Meditation

I know it's late for this but I had to say something about today. I had a phone presentation call scheduled today which usually takes 22 minutes, I also had a financial advisory board meeting at ABC Montessori School (Halle's school) for the same time. This morning Kyra told me that her PTO performance was happening today at 7 and then I get a call from Wesley at 2:30pm from school telling me that he has a 7pm concert at the Performing Arts Center in McDonough. I was kinda stressed today but I did it all. I got through it all. I was able to drop Wesley off at the concert but could not stay and watch. I did go to Kyra's performance at the PTO meeting though. On the way home I bought Taco Bell for the boys. I cannot wait until Tony gets home. He's been out of town since last Saturday. By the way, I chose meditation.


Karen said...

When you called me before you left I wanted to help you by taking Wesley to the concert but Bryan was gone with the car. I felt helpless. I think you know I would have offered to help if I could have. I'm glad you chose meditation over medication.

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