May 3, 2009

Ohh...the Bennetts, yeah we share everything

Even viruses. Halle came home from school and sat in this new used work van Tony bought the same day he bought the grill and the sink. Oh? did I forget to mention that? Anyway, here's the van. Old van but runs good. Original price that the owner was firm on was $1500. After Tony test drove it and spoke to the seller he made a deal for $800. I told you he was amazing~ He'll be selling the white truck. He wanted a vehicle where he could lock up his tools and keep them dry.

So as I was saying Halle was sitting in this van playing with a toy. I told her to get out of it because we had not cleaned it yet. You know, disinfected it. The previous owners residues were still in it. That evening Halle ate dinner and went to bed. At about 6:39am she woke up vomiting on her bed and comforter. Unfortunately she did not make it to the bathroom in time.

Now to rewind a little bit, I forgot to mention that Kyra threw up on Monday but she felt better after an hour or two so I took her to school. The previous day she drank 3 Boost nutritional supplements so I thought that was the reason she was throwing up. Kyra does that sometimes. She goes overboard and then has a tummy ache.

Also on Thursday evening Kyra had diarrhea so I did not send her to school on Friday.

So on Tuesday morning Halle throws up, so now I'm not sure if they got it from the van or somewhere else or from the Boost. I kept Halle home from school all week. Then Friday Wesley calls home from seminary just a few minutes after Tony arrived home from dropping him off at about 7:00am. Wesley felt sick. Tony woke me up and asked me to pick him up since he had just gone to bed after 3:30am from working late. I woke up and my stomach felt queasy. I figured it was due to the fact that I had not eaten dinner the night before. I just had no appetite. I picked up Wesley and no sooner did he get into the house he goes upstairs to the bathroom and he throws up. He hurls 3 times.

So I whipped out the Soluguard Botantical and began wiping everything down.

Sol-U-Guard Botanical® 2x Concentrate Disinfectant Kills 99.9% of common household germs using citric acid and botanical thyme oil. Sorry I just had to throw in a plug for Melaleuca.

I had done this on Tuesday also but did not wipe down every room. This time I wiped down EVERYTHING. Two and a half hours later I laid down to rest. Only Justin had gone to school and Tony went to work. Everyone else was at home. They seemed fine. Accept for me. I was Sooooo sick. I was queasy and I had diarrhea. I won't describe it but I will say that I did not know whether to stand or sit down in the bathroom. My stomach had cramps and I was in bed until the next morning.

So today is Sunday and I am still queasy and I still have diarrhea. I haven't eaten a full meal since Thursday. Still no appetite. Now it's very quiet. Kyra must be asleep somewhere...huh no she has been sneaking outside without permission and she has done it again. I had to stop in the middle of typing just now and go and find her. She in the house again. Tony installed a door chime on the front door so that I will be able to hear her open the door. If you know Kyra then you know this is typical Kyra. She reminds me of my sister Marcia when she was little.

She looks like her too doesn't she?


Karen said...

Hilarious! I am really LOL!! I hope everyone feels 100% better real soon. Oh, and that plug for Solugard Botanical - so needed! Everyone reading this - you need to get this in your house. It 100% works! Melaleuca rocks!

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