April 27, 2009

Decorating - Benneconomy 101- part 2

We bought a new sink for the guest bath this weekend. Here is the old one he removed. The old sink is only a year old. Tony cracked it taking the pipes out but there was a hairline crack in it anyway. This is the new one. He already added the new faucet here. We found it on clearance at Home Depot.

The same weekend we got a really good deal on this gas grill. Last month we were in Home Depot and this grill was on sale for $399. When we went in the store 2 weeks after that it was marked down to $199. This weekend the same day we bought the sink it (the grill) had been marked down even further for $149. When Tony walked by the grill he did a double take. We went over to the sink shopping around and chose this one.

Then he asked one of the store clerks about the grill and after haggling a little he was able to talk the store manager down to $109. Amazing! My husband is amazing. Here's the brand new grill. We needed a new one but we weren't shopping for one.

We are almost ready for the summer.


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