April 26, 2009

The Grocery Game - yeah I played it and ....

For the past 12 years Tony has done all the grocery shopping. I used to hate it and have been accused of not knowing how to shop for a bargain. Honestly I did not, so when I took over this responsibility I went shopping with a list of course and used the weekly circular ad to find bargains. I was stunned at the register at the cost of food these days. The total was over $250. I put some items back to bring the total under $200. I decided to go online to find coupons to help bring the cost down some. It was not easy finding the exact coupons I needed. I even tried going directly to the company website to find coupons. I used suzycoupons.com, mycoupons.com, coupons.com an I even found coupons on ebay.com.

So in my quest to be the best grocery shopper I found a great website www.thegrocerygame.com. If you decide to sign up please use this email address so I can get credit for referring you, ucanshopnsave@gmail.com. That is my junk email address for coupons and offers. The first time I used this service I saved $99.47 in coupons on my grocery bill and I was SO HAPPY!!! The second time I saved about $45 and this month I've saved over $60. My total bill was $198 and change, the instore savings from using my discount card was $40 and I had $60 in coupons. I paid $83 for $198 worth of groceries. OKAY!!! Can you see me doing the cabbage patch dance....? go Pammy, go Pammy....Ok so go sign up for the 8 week trial for $1 and put my email address down as the person who referred you. Let me know how you do with your grocery shopping:)


Karen said...

I joined! I also won 2 auctions for coupons on Ebay. I clipped my Sunday coupons. I'm ready! Wait.....I need some money!!!

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