April 10, 2009

Yes, it snowed in Georgia!

It snowed in Georgia last month. We actually got about 3 inches which is a lot of snow for us. The children loved it. It was the first time they had seen that much snow and to see it stick to the ground. Usually we just get flurries. Even the dog had fun. The snowflakes were quarter-sized. Here's Kyra enjoying the first flakes.

Everyone grabbed their light jackets and put them all on. Justin wore both his jackets, two pair of pants and most of us had socks on our hands. Who is Georgia owns real winter gear? It was big fun for the family as Dutchess (the dog) got involved.

She's a black, female, American Pitt bull Terrier. We didn't trim her ears or tail. We didn't want her to be perceived as a vicious dog. She's sweet though but will chew up anything that will fit in her mouth. She was eating the snow, running and having a ball.

We used the snow off the cars to make snowballs. The Halle & Kyra even made a snowman. We were the only family on our street who went out to enjoy the snow. They probably thought we were crazy. We knew it would last for a short time.

Here Tony is getting ammunition off the truck as Wesley and Justin hide behind the van. We later all ganged up on Tony with snowballs. It was great family fun. Afterwards I made hot cocoa for everyone and Tony made a fire.

It was cozy as we all thawed out in the family room. This room has not been painted yet as you know we have just started the decorating. One thing I love about the house is the way it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


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