April 14, 2009

Rain, socks and Italian night.

It's raining again! This is getting a bit ridiculous. It's raining right now. It rained yesterday, Sunday, Friday, Thursday, Tuesday, Monday, the previous weekend...aaahh I can go on and on. Poor Dutchy has been cooped up in the garage for quite a few days with he exception of walking her.

Today I plan to buy new socks for everyone. I can tell from the laundry that it's time since the lost sock basket is full of orphans. I'll also do a little grocery shopping as well.

Tony cooked last night and it was so good. We has spaghetti. Not your normal run of the mill spaghetti but the kind that makes you want to slap somebody...lol. I did all the chopping. He added red, yellow and green peppers, onions, ground turkey, turkey kielbasa, and chicken which he seasoned separately with different flavors. Of course fresh garlic and lots of it and chunks of tomatoes. The pasta was al dente the way we like it and I made one of my awesome salads. Topped off with cheese and garlic croutons. We also had garlic bread. Sounds dreamy doesn't it.


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