April 11, 2009

Decorating - Benneconomy 101

We are starting in the guest bath like I mentioned before. Here is the after photo for the paint. I forgot to take a before photo but from this point on I will take before photos. The color is from Ralph Lauren paints. We took a swatch from the Ralph Lauren swatches and used Glidden paint which is more economical. Tony added crown molding to the ceiling and framed out the mirror. I would have preferred a round mirror but this will do for now. I also hate the counter top in this bath which may be changed later. Next we'll tile the floor. We've choosen this tile in the large 16" squares. It contrasts to the walls perfectly. Home Depot has them on sale this month. We've done quite a lot of window shopping.

Here's what is looks like so far. Remember it's a guest bath so it's smaller than the other baths. What do you think?

Right now this is linoleum on the floor and I can't stand it, the tile will look much better.

Crown molding at ceiling

New lighting will replace the chrome lighting. The chrome is just a year old but I prefer the brass.

With the brass towel bar and fixtures the sink and doors knobs will compliment each other better. After the bathroom is done I will post a list of the items that were replaced and their cost.


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