April 8, 2009

MTA decides against her

So the verdict is out for Maria vs. the MTA in New York City. The judge has determined that the transit workers responded within MTA guidelines by notifying the authorities immediately. If you have not heard this story yet, Maria is a university student who was traveling on the train at 2am. She was approached and then chased by an assailant who grabbed her, within eyeshot of a token booth clerk, then dragged down a flight of stairs where she was repeatedly raped. The token booth clerk used their emergency system to alert the police. During the assault Maria screamed for help over and over. Another train pulled into the station. The crime was spotted by another MTA employee on that train. This employee also notified the police. No one came to her aid or spoke out in protest. Watch the video of Maria when she appeared on the Today show. What do you think? Is the MTA wrong? Should the employees have done more? http://www.msnbc.com/id/21134540/vp/30105077#30105077


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