April 7, 2009

Decorating, puppies & snoring....

Yesterday, after working a full day Tony came home and painted the guest bath. The plan was to paint the guest bedroom tonight but that didn't happen. He called to tell me that he had found a puppy. A chiuaua. The moment I saw her I melted. She looked just like this. She was so affectionate. She sat in my lap. The kids were ooooing and aaahhing, except for Wes. He saw the puppy and said "ASPCA". Tony brought our dog in to meet her (an American Pitt Bull Terrier), she's very sweet. The pup snapped at her. Dutchess (our dog) was jealous but didn't try to bite. After we talked (all of us) we decided that it wasn't fair to Dutchess to bring in a new puppy. Especially since a little dog like this is definitely not an outside dog. It wouldn't be fair to have Dutchy outside or in the garage and the puppy in the house. We could tell from Dutchy's wimpering that she was jealous and wanting to come into the house as well. Long story short. She's gone. We gave the pup to a neighbor who was happy to have her.

It's late and we were going to watch a movie tonight but here from my office I can hear him lightly snoring...so much for that. I'm going to watch Keith Olbermann online before I go to bed. I'll post comments about it tomorrow.


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