November 27, 2009

And then we said , Amen

I really enjoyed Thanksgiving this year with the kids. Tony went to Buffalo to visit and we missed him terribly, haha. To fill the void I added something to our traditions which are still forming. First let me tell you what I prepared. For appetizers we had small crab cakes and scallops. Just a few each, I like to add something different each year to the menu.

Here’s what we ate:

Small 10 lb. turkey

stuffing with apples and cranberries

macaroni and cheese

green bean casserole

homemade mashed potatoes (special recipe) made with cream cheese and sour cream super fattening

corn pudding

dinner rolls

and for dessert I baked sweet potatoe pies

This year after we said grace, I had each child take 10 beads and place them on their charger near their plate. I then placed a small bowl in the center of the table. I asked them to think of 10 things they were grateful for…it could be anything or anyone or anyplace. They were to keep it to themselves. No blurting out. Just quietly while they were eating dinner or while we were talking and in their own time to one by one drop a bead into the bowl when they thought of something they were grateful for. It was so awesome throughout the evening to see beads being dropped into the bowl from time to time. We laughed at Wesley’s jokes and the girls being silly. We could not help but notice the empty chair where Daddy is supposed to be.

Kyra set the table for us and set up the grateful game for me. Everyone had contributed in some way. After dinner I asked the children to share just one of the things they were grateful for. We went around the table and I was surprised by what they said;

Wesley – was grateful for the Priesthood and the power it gives him

Justin – was grateful for the church he is a member of

Kyra - was grateful for Heavenly Father and her family

Halle – was grateful for Wesley…..we all laughed, but I thought it was sweet as she loves her brother…

I was grateful for having the Gospel in its Fullness, for a wonderful family and a loving husband

Then we had dessert which Justin ate too much of… I ended the meal with a letter emailed to me from President Barack Obama about Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to next year. This Christmas I will decorate the table really pretty I think. I already have the Christmas spirit.


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