November 25, 2009

Sandy had puppies!

I told Tony we didn’t need a 2nd dog but you had to see him standing at the door with another dog who is now Sandy. After a few weeks we had Dutchess spayed we made an appointment to have Sandy spayed. We had a trip to New York planned to visit in-laws so we postponed the spaying and left Sandy with my mother on the other side of town. We were away for too long about 10 days. When we returned we were going to reschedule the spaying right away. We did but it was too late. Apparently a neighbors dog had already gotten his groove on lucky. I remember driving home and seeing a strange dog. It looked like a brown Bullmaster, male. He had a red collar. I had left Sandy outside tied up with Dutchey and ran a quick errand. I remember thinking that I hope the dog was not coming from my house. Needless to say a few months later we helped Sandy with her dang puppies brood. I fell in love with all the puppies and I really enjoyed going through the maternity experience with her. I watched her nurse and helped as much as she would let me. It was amazing to watch her clean the puppies and clean up after them, literally. I didn’t know that the female dog lapped up the puppy urine and ate the feces. It was disgusting harmless since the only thing they ate was her milk. They puppies grew so fast. Poor Sandy seemed to always be hungry. Nursing a brood of that size is a big strain on a dog. Large amounts of calcium is taken from the female during nursing. Sandy looked like a crack head thin to me. After about 5 weeks she began to wean them. She would not let them nurse. Sometimes in the evening she would let them nurse but only for a few minutes. The puppies were getting very big. They all looked like the Bullmaster. Check them out. They were only about 3 weeks old and very big for puppies I think. So for the past 5 weeks we had 7 dogs.

All the puppies are gone now. A few days ago we were able to find really good homes for every one of them. One of the new owners works at an animal hospital in my neighborhood. All of the homes already have other pets or other dogs as members of their family. We were very lucky. I know it was because the puppies were so gorgeous. Anyway I am estatic happy they are gone. It was a lot of work taking care of them and 4 brats kids.


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