November 30, 2009


Okay I am addicted to Sudoku. Yes, I just started playing. I thought it involved math so I would not play it but now I see what all the hoopla is. I showed my son Wesley and he started playing in about 5 minutes and beat my time by 30 minutes. Some people are just nerds have a good aptitude for numbers. The NY Times version is my favorite. The only way I will be able to play regularly will be in the bathroom. Can you picture that?

It actually stimulates the brain. I have already felt the results. My memory has improved. I have also gotten rid of some nonsense in my life. There’s no time left in the day to do anything for me and definitely no time to waste. Print this one off and see how you do. Time yourself. After you've completed it post your time here.



Lindsay said...

I LOVE Sudoku!! It's an awesome game and great for passing the time. I have an app on my iphone that I just can't get enough of.

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