November 30, 2009

Taking a look back at 2009

I can’t say that I am unhappy to see 2009 leave us. It has been a tumultuous year to say the least. There were celebrations, salutations and disconsolation, to deal with. As 2009 passes by I will remember this year as the year that I did a lot of growing up. If you are under 40 or still in your 20’s I am here to let you know that this thing called life is a never ending lesson. It’s one of those things that you just have to find out for yourself unfortunately. No one can teach you the lessons that you need to learn to complete the person you are supposed to be. You can’t read it in a book or read it on a blog, although a book about what you need to learn can point you in the right direction, there is NOTHING like life experience. You have to go through it. This is the year that made me think, “Why God are we here and why does it have to hurt so much”? In an effort to make note of the lessons I’ve learned this year I am listing and reflecting on the following events.

January 2009 – President Obama’s Inauguration – I received invitations from the Presidential Inaugural Committee to attend this historic event but I did not open the envelope until a month after the inauguration. I was so busy with family stuff that when the envelope came I didn’t open it. I thought it was just junk mail. A month later I noticed the envelope on the kitchen counter upside down. What made me look at it were the words Handle With Care printed on the corner of the large envelope. When I opened it I was stunned. I was sent an invitation from the Presidential Inaugural Committee in Washington, DC. and I missed out on it.

February 2009 – My Dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer. We were very optimistic since his type of cancer is highly curable. It was too late since he like most men would never go to the doctor. By the time he was diagnosed the cancer had spread too much and after a series of biopsy’s and an attempt at surgery he was given 6 months to live.

February 2009 – My 8th Wedding Anniversary – Tony and I went to dinner to celebrate the day we were wed. I am absolutely in love with my husband. I am blessed to be married to my soul mate. He is the wind beneath my wings. He is my very best friend. Sometimes the 2nd time around is the charm. There is a line in Avatar, the smash hit new movie (with the blue people) where during different times in the movie the 2 main characters would say to each other with a gentle touch, “I see you”. I so connected with that line in the movie every time it was spoken. If you haven’t seen Avatar yet I’m telling you that you must see it. You must see it in the theatre before you see it on DVD. See it in 3D if possible. It was an awesome movie, the best I’ve seen this year. Oh excuse the little rant there for a sec…as I was saying, this is how I felt that day. I felt that he could see me. Okay now I’m crying. Time to stop and move on to March.

February 2009 – On Feb. 14 it was Valentine’s Day but it also marked 8 years I have be a successful work at home Mom. I replaced my income in 2003 and my husband’s income in 2007. I help others do the same thing.

I am always looking for new partners to team up with. Wanna work at home? Contact me today!

March 2009 – Sweet Repeats consignment sale – I love this sale! Twice a year I shop for the girls here. Designer labels and the clothing is great! Looks like new and saves us a lot of money. If you are shopping retail for your kid’s school clothing I urge you to try a consignment event or store near you. Each year I have been spending about $200 on clothing for the girls. All designer labels. You can’t beat that with a stick.

March 2009 - I went to CA on a business trip and spent 3 days training and spent some time with friends and colleagues without the hubby and kids. I spent my free time sleeping and it was wonderful!

DANG! THIS IS A LONG POST…..(it was a long year. What can I say?)

April 2009 – Beyond The Canvas – As the fundraising chairperson of my daughters Montessori school I assisted in the schools largest fundraiser by booking the talent. The event consisted of lunch, an art show/auction, as well as performances by the children and talent I booked. The event was a success!

May 2009 - Started Monday morning prayer with my 5 sisters and my Mom. We prayed together for my Dad who was undergoing treatment for cancer.

June 2009- Attended luau at the Brentlingers who have a house in the middle of nowhwere. Miles and miles of greenery and very few neighbors. After driving on a dirt road for about a half an hour we reached the destination. They had a beautiful pool and the decor took us back to the Hawaiian Islands – Big fun!

July 2009 – Working my business, visiting Dad at the hospital, and took our annual family vacation to Buffalo, NY.

August – attended company convention in Florida. Tony and I were finally sealed in the Florida temple, started big push for merit badges by attending merit badge clinics almost every weekend.

My son Justin at a court of honor ceremony (age 14)

My son Wesley at the court of honor ceremony (age 16)

My mother and her sister, my Auntie Marion in the black suits with white tops in front. The rest are sisters and cousins.

My Dad passed away on the Aug. 18th, almost exactly 6 months after he was diagnosed just like the doctors said. Lots of family visiting, we all chose the casket and flowers, we spent some time together, we laughed and cried, I worked hard and had a very successful month in an effort to suppress my grief and we all did some growing up.

My sister Debra (center) and her daughters, my nieces Sana and Jannah

Rest in Peace Dad

September – more grieving, merit badge clinics and fundraising.

October – Halloween, baking, grieving, and more Boy Scout merit badge clinics.

November - Thanksgiving with just me and the kids, nephew Dawud visited and stayed over a few days and spent a lot of time with my children. (Tony went to NY to visit his 88 yr. old Mom), grieving, and more Boy Scout merit badge clinics.

December – Job hunting with Tony, retyping resumes, faxing, My birthday, Tony’s birthday and Christmas.

I'll add the Christmas pics another time. Thanks for reading:)


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